High Aesthetics

Professionals focused on your health and well-being

Our years of experience have led Policlínica del Río-Hortega to be a reference as an aesthetic clinic, innovating and investing in the technological means necessary to offer the best techniques and combined treatments. All our facial and aesthetic body treatments are led by highly qualified professionals, always offering a personalised service to each patient. There is no equal treatment, as there are no two people alike.

We offer teamwork and multidisciplinary work, which are the key and the basis for success in any treatment. The High Aesthetics area is closely related to the Aesthetic Medicine area and the Nutrition and Dietetics area, two fundamental pillars to understand all medical and aesthetic treatment.

There is no isolated treatment as overwhelming and satisfactory for the patient as the combination of the most appropriate ones for each person. By individualizing the treatment we get much more satisfactory results and quickly.

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