Body treatments are ideal to help and optimize both the process and the objective it is intended to achieve. However, from Policlínica del Río-Hortega, we recommend that all body treatments to be accompanied by a nutritional plan and guided physical exercise for optimal performance and effectiveness.

We have developed very effective treatments, as a result of experience and the use of the best and most avant-garde technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine. Among the most prominent treatments, we have:


We have the only 3-in-1 pressotherapy in the market that guarantees the best result in the shortest time. Termofit pressotherapy combines pressure massage, reactivating natural metabolism and circulation, as well as thermotherapy, favouring the circulation and elimination of toxins and electrostimulation, producing muscle contraction helping them to reaffirm and tone, thus improving flabbiness and well-being.


It is the true, well-known and reputed «liposuction without surgery». A thorough and studied combination of Ultracavitation, Lipolaser and Termofit Pressotherapy guarantee results never seen before. It eliminates localized fat by breaking up fatty deposits, reducing contour and favouring lymphatic drainage, reducing toxins and retained fluids.


The energy of the R-200 Radio Frequency, as well as the use of the appropriate frequency and the use of capacitive and resistive techniques, cause cell activation and help increase collagen production, reaffirming the treated area, reducing wrinkles and regenerate tissue. It reaffirms and eliminates orange peel. The capacitive mode is indicated for flabbiness and cellulite and the resistive mode for deep fat. Each treatment session will end with a Termofit Pressotherapy session, thus optimizing all the processes and helping to obtain magnificent results


We have created the perfect treatment: LIPO SLIM BODY + ULTRA REAFFIRM R-200. The perfect combination for a unique result.

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