Acne Treatments


What is acne?

It is a skin condition that causes the appearance of skin lesions as a result of folliculitis, that is, inflammation and subsequent infection of the follicular pore. When the pores become clogged, acne is created, it can appear as pimples, blackheads, closed comedones or even cysts.

Why does acne appear?

This condition is not due to an exact cause, but the hormonal increase caused in adolescence is a factor, as well as the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy, the use of contraceptives, certain medications that contain steroids, oestrogens, testosterone, and the use of creams and makeups that are high in fat. More factors are excessive humidity and a high degree of sweat.

Acne treatment in Policlínica del Río-Hortega:

After an assessment by the specialist, an action plan will be established, both cosmetic and dermal, with the use of specific aesthetic medical devices for such treatment. In our clinic in Santa Pola, we have the Jett Plasma Lift equipment, a very versatile medical device with multiple applications in medicine and high aesthetics and specifically, for the treatment of skin with acne.

It is known that people who suffer from this problem, both in cases of moderate and severe acne, it is a type of skin which must be taken care of with special attention and treated with very specific products, being very strict treatment protocols both in cabin, as at home.

With the Jett Plasma Lift laser acne treatment, we will produce a direct current, compensating for the cell’s potential, producing in the case of oily skin an anti-bacterial and decongestant action, which will calm the redness, inflammation, and infection of the blackhead, with amazing results in just one session.

The treatment is totally painless and non-invasive, it can be done throughout the year and the number of sessions and frequency to perform it will be assessed individually by the technician according to the type of skin of each patient, as well as the home post-treatment.

In the same way and depending on the evolution of the patient, we can apply, if necessary, other types of solutions that aesthetic medicine offers nowadays, as well as other devices existing in the market and available in our clinic, such as IPL laser or Deep-In Radio Frequency, among others.

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