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In Policlínica del Río-Hortega we want to help you feel at peace and harmony with yourself and give you a little whim because your body asks you to. For this, in our Spa and Wellness unit we have the following special treatments:

Aromatherapeutic Massage:

Aromatherapeutic Massage in Santa Pola

Discover the pleasure and properties of massage with Essential Oils. A treatment that will connect you with nature and the power of natural scents, whose objective will be to restore balance and personal harmony, harmonize psychic, emotional and spiritual states, as well as release all our energy blocks.

Knowing that body and mind are deeply interrelated with each other, the aromatherapeutic massage we perform combines the benefits of essential oils extracted from various aromatic plants along with the benefits of therapeutic massage, delivering a great load of relaxation and pleasure in each manoeuvre.


Chocolate therapy:

Chocolate therapy in Policlínica del Río-Hortega

In this wonderful treatment you will immerse yourself in the pleasant scent of cocoa, which brings infinite positive sensations in the body and you will benefit from the multiple properties it provides to your skin, enriching it thanks to the large concentration of minerals that it has such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

In addition, you will get a hydrated and smooth skin, due to the presence of theobromine, tannins and polymers in its composition. Let yourself go and enjoy the feeling of physical and mental well-being that cocoa produces in your body.


Massage with sublime silk wrap:

Massage with sublime silk wrap.

Silk protein is one of the treatments par excellence. Thanks to its rich composition in amino acids we will get a hydrated skin and prevent the signs of aging.

With a gentle exfoliation and a placid silk wrap we will achieve a deep hydration of the skin, while transporting body and mind to an environment of well-being and relaxation. We will finish with a comforting massage to leave completely renewed and with a smooth and velvety skin.

Delve into the softness and oxygenation of your skin through this silk treatment.


Hot stone massage:

Hot stone massage

The power of thermal stone massage is a real pleasure for the senses thanks to the combination of traditional therapeutic massage along with the application on the skin of volcanic stones at different temperatures. With this, we will facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus relieve physical and emotional disorders.

This geothermal therapy, originally from the East, is highly beneficial for the relief of numerous ailments, improvement of the circulatory system and aids in the elimination of toxins from the skin and the organism.

Feel the energy of the stones with this enriching treatment.


Bamboo therapy massage and treatment:

Bamboo therapy in Policlínica del Río-Hortega

Connect with nature and your interior through a pleasant massage with bamboo canes. In this alternative therapy, we will work each area of your body with bamboo canes of different sizes and diameters, through friction, percussion and centre-pressure of these, with the aim of stimulating the skin deeply, muscles, adipose tissue and nervous system.

This type of treatments, of indigenous origin, offers you multiple benefits such as toning the body, reactivating blood circulation, draining the lymphatic system, detoxifying and strengthening the immune system.

Immerse yourself and experience new sensations with this innovative bamboo therapy treatment, in which we will activate and harmonize your body energy.

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