Nutrition and Dietetics


In the Nutrition and Dietetics area, we offer a 100% personalized health service, in which it is important to learn how to eat properly as well as acquiring the necessary strength to achieve a healthy lifestyle and maintain it over time.

A healthy diet allows any person at any stage of their life to maintain an optimal state of health, while allowing them to perform the different activities of daily life. For it to be balanced, it must provide enough energy and it should be adapted to the age, gender, physiological situation and physical activity of each patient.

In addition, we offer the tools to stimulate and motivate your physical preparation and your well-being, all based on a basic and unavoidable principle: the patient’s health.

“Do not seek a quick diet to lose weight, or a dietitian who only relies on miracle dietary products, look for your own habit of healthy life that lasts forever. You choose the goal, we will accompany you along the way “.

Your first visit to our clinic in Santa Pola will be the most important moment, both for you, who are the one who will carry out the nutritional plan, and for us, that will accompany you and guide you along the way. We will get to know you physically and psychologically, learning your habits, customs, your personality, your level of daily physical activity, your level of stress and your pace of work.

All of it has an influence and you do not know to what extent in a nutrition therapy, whatever the type. Diet is important, but it is not everything.

In our Nutrition and Dietetics consultation, we carry out the following steps:


Through which we will know your life and eating habits. In order to do so, we will collect your nutritional, dietary, clinical, work data, your daily physical activity level, sports you practice, etc.


Through InBody technology, we will assess your weight, height, perimeters (arm, waist, hip, thigh, leg …) and we will study your proportion of fat mass, water, muscle mass, basal metabolism and daily kilocalories. You will be given a detailed report with all this information, which will serve as a starting point and reference for the following visits knowing exactly where we are and how we are progressing.


Once your real situation is assessed, we adapt the nutritional plan based on this information and the objectives that we establish and that you will mark. So as to make it a little bit easier, we will provide you tasty, healthy and balanced recipes that are easy to cook, according to your tastes.

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