Nutrition and Dietetics area in Santa Pola

During pregnancy, food plays an indispensable role since it will cover our energy needs, not only in the mother, but also in the health and well-being of the baby.

A nutrition consultation for pregnant women does not consist in designing a special, restrictive diet, or removing certain meals unless there is a medical or nutritional problem, it is about adjusting the diet to the physiological state and the personal characteristics of the mother.

We will deal with all the doubts about feeding in this stage:

  • How much weight do I have to take?
  • What food should I avoid?
  • Should I “eat for two”?
  • Do I have to take supplementation?
  • What are the foods that change the taste of milk?
  • and a long etcetera that every pregnant woman asks herself …

First, we will carry out a nutritional questionnaire for collecting both pathological and feeding data in order to improve the quality of the mother’s diet to favour the growth and development of the baby.

Reviews will be done once a month to address the problems or symptoms that may arise and make the relevant adaptations of the diet with the aim of improving the mother’s health, the quality of the placenta, maintaining a good level of energy throughout pregnancy, and prevent and reduce problems such as gestational diabetes, obesity, hypertension and preeclampsia, vomiting or nausea, reflux, anaemia, fluid retention, constipation or even preterm births.

During breastfeeding, the mother’s diet must be totally in line with her nutritional requirements and the baby’s and these needs will evolve as the newborn demands. Therefore, the objective is to cover these energy demands both in quantity and quality of food, in order to achieve the best production of breast milk.

By taking care of your diet, you will be taking care of your baby’s health.

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