All our treatments and services are personalized to achieve ideal efficiency and results, and so is the price of our services of Nutrition and Dietetics in our Clinic in Santa Pola (Alicante). The price will vary according to the number of sessions programmed, whether you get a voucher for a number of sessions or you buy a pack – a group of individual services of our clinic at your disposal, which will greatly help you get your goals.

Complementary to the services and treatments of Nutrition and Dietetics, if required by the patient, we have other services available in the areas of Aesthetic Medicine and High Aesthetics. In a multidisciplinary way the nutritionist, the technicians specialized in aesthetic equipment and the doctor specialist in Aesthetic Medicine will study jointly the case of the patient and their goals, optimizing the process and results exponentially.

Before subjecting to any treatment or service, the case of the patient must be assessed by our specialist in a first consultation free of charge, in which the patient will be informed of the suggested treatment and its price.

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