Prepartum and Postpartum Physiotherapy

With obstetric physiotherapy we try to prepare you for the most important moment of your life: the birth of your child, as well as taking care of you after delivery where the affected areas have to return to their usual position and functioning.

Obstetric physiotherapy. Prepartum. Policlínica del Río-Hortega, Santa Pola (Alicante).


We will help you break the fear-tension-pain circle and reach childbirth in the best possible conditions. We want you to have a quick delivery with a good work of your pelvic floor, reducing possible aggressions in your perineum and possible postpartum repercussions.

This will be achieved through breathing exercises, pelvic-perineal exercises, biofeedback, push training, perineal massage, among others.

Obviously, at the same time we help you prepare your body for the moment of delivery, we also help you to alleviate those pains that your pregnancy may cause, such as low back ache, one of the most common side effects.

In our clinic in Santa Pola we are specialists in Obstetric Physiotherapy. We will help you to manage your pregnancy as well as possible. Your goal is the same as ours.


For women who have just had their baby, postpartum physiotherapy is completely necessary.

All delivery causes injuries, there are alterations of your support systems, episiotomies, scars by caesarean section, low pelvic floor tone, abdominal diastasis, spinal pain, fluid retention, fibrosis, coccyx injuries, among others.

With an individualized treatment with active hypopressive exercises, diaphragmatic release, perineum training, massage therapy, diathermy, etc., we will help your body to recover in the most optimal conditions.

If you are fine, your baby will be fine.

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