Sports Physiotherapy in Santa Pola.

Sports Physiotherapy is a speciality within physiotherapy, which treats people who practice a sport on a regular basis.

The sports physiotherapist must know exhaustively the anatomy and physiology of the sports injury on which it will be developed, from the medical diagnosis, a correct protocol of effective therapeutic action for a patient to be recovered as soon as possible.

The professional must also manage and master a wide variety of techniques of osteopathy, global postural re-education or Global Active Stretching, dry-needling, manual lymphatic drainage (example: ankle sprain with severe inflammation), myofascial release or neuromeningeal mobilization, among other disciplines, that are proper for the correct recovery of the athlete.

The objectives of sports physiotherapy are mainly:

Prevent all those factors that may favour the appearance of injuries produced by sports practices, which may leave sequels or possible recurrences; collaborating with the physical trainer or the nutritionist, among others, so that the athlete practices with the least possible risk, with an adapted diet, the necessary sports care in terms of muscular abilities: excitability, elasticity, contractility and tonicity to avoid any appearance of injury.

Recover and treat injuries. Once recovered, the athlete must begin practicing again as soon as possible and in the best possible physical conditions.

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