Chiropody is the most common treatment in podiatry consultation. It consists in eliminating the foot hyperkeratosis and improving the nails health by delaminating and milling them.

Chiropody treatment in podiatry consultation. Policlínica del Río-Hortega

Hyperkeratosis is the skin thickening (corns, calluses…), due to an increase in the accumulation of dead cells in a localized area. They are caused by an excess of pressure due to a poor alignment of the bones along with the displacement of the fat layer that cushions in the foot sole, also having to do with the use of inappropriate footwear.

Diffuse hyperkeratosis is typical, which is thick skin that does not hurt, but we also tend to suffer from hyperkeratosis located at a point that becomes very painful. Bone factor influences the most in located hyperkeratosis and to solve it definitively, in addition to an exhaustive chiropody, we can resort to insoles or MIS (minimum incision surgery).

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